BumbleToe Booties

My husband Skeet sensed I was pregnant even before I did. He claims that as soon as I tenderly showed him the first little brown-and-pink pair of baby booties I felted, he knew we must have a wee one on the way.  Sure enough, he turned out to be right—although I might have gone with a different colour scheme had I known our first born was to be a boy.

Since then I’ve felted hundreds of pairs of booties, with the desire to bring soft warmth and comfort to tiny precious feet everywhere.

I want my babies to always be able to feel the earth beneath their feet, its intricate contours, so that they might learn to pattern their walking properly, in a way most healthy for the alignment of their bodies, and with a feeling of connection to and respect for the earth. Such soft-soled footwear allows for this in the gentlest, quietest possible way. And so BumbleToes was born. For little Earth Walkers.

My hand-felted booties are one-of-a-kind, and made and decorated with love.  They are 100% all-natural merino and/or corriedale sheep’s wool (excepting decorations—cotton embroidery thread, wooden or plastic buttons, ribbon, etc.). They are very warm and cozy for the small tootsies of your baby. Wool is one of the oldest known clothing materials, and unlike cotton or polyester-based slippers, it remains insulating and warm even when it gets wet... which is great for my son because he has a thing for purposely stepping into wet spots. I also felted him diaper covers when he was using cloth diapers, for the insulating and anti-bacterial properties of wool.