Original Music

Solo Albums

I love to sing, I always have... I trained classically on piano for ten years or so, then later taught myself the guitar so I wouldn't have to keep lugging my Upright out to picnics and bonfires. At the age of 17 I recorded my first 7-song album Wildflower, and since then I've released several more grass-roots-style compilations of original piano and guitar folk songs: When Rendered Undone (2004), Sweet Sweet (2006), Her Seasons (2009), For the Bees, (2010)

Woodlandy Dandies (Family Nature Songs)

My most recent is a family-nature cd Little Wonders (2013), and I am joined by friends Carly Joynt, Kristen Mundy and Katherine Peacock in singing some lovely harmonies-- we call ourselves the "Woodlandy Dandies". There are also some kids' voices on some of the songs-- it is a really special collaboration, with 12 of my original songs, 3 of Carly's, and three cover songs.  It is great if you have young people in your life or simply enjoy simple nature-inspired music.

For the Bees (2010) is a selection of twelve original piano and guitar songs... inspired by love, nature... and those unsung hero pollinators of ours without whom, according to Albert Einstein,  all life on the planet would cease within four years!

I play at various shows and festivals across Ontario. Mostly I enjoy playing intimate "listening room"-type shows with smaller, more intimate audience settings, as my music is calm and relaxing and I like to keep the ambiance conversational rather than exhibitionary. 

Here's me at Mariposa 2008: