A Little Background...

My husband Skeet sensed I was pregnant even before I did. He claims that as soon as I tenderly showed him the first little brown-and-pink pair of baby booties I felted, he knew we must have a wee one on the way.  Sure enough, he turned out to be right—although I might have gone with a different colour scheme had I known our first born was to be a boy.

Since then I’ve felted hundreds of pairs of booties, with the desire to bring soft warmth and comfort to tiny precious feet everywhere.

I want my babies to always be able to feel the earth beneath their feet, its intricate contours, so that they might learn to pattern their walking properly, in a way most healthy for the alignment of their bodies, and with a feeling of connection to and respect for the earth. Such soft-soled footwear allows for this in the gentlest, quietest possible way. And so BumbleToes was born. For little Earth Walkers.

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