Pre-Christmas Sale on Bum Care Goodness

Home from the One of a Kind Show... how wonderful it was to be in a "happy booth," with people giving me smiles and coos all day long-- because who can resist baby stuff?? Thank you to everyone who visited my booth; your positive energy definitely kept me going!

I have some extra inventory, so I thought I'd offer a little sale on the BumbleTush products. They are a dream come true in preventing and healing diaper rash- I highly recommend them for the diaper-wearers in your life. Here's an informative little blurb, in case you're not familiar with these So-Natural-You-Could-Eat-Them-If-You-Wanted-To products:

An excellent diaper rash preventative and healer.  With its base of arrowroot powder (rather than commonly-used cornstarch), this powder is free of the starches which are known to feed fungal infections. The kaolin clay assists in drawing out bacteria, while keeping baby’s tush dry and soft. The lavender further acts as an antibacterial agent, and provides a lovely light fragrance to the powder, and my own home-grown calendula flowers soothe baby’s tender skin. (Also great for adults, to sprinkle into your shoes or onto your palms if you have a tendency towards clamminess)

Made with a base of natural olive and coconut oils and high-quality beeswax. Like the powder, the salve has the antibacterial benefits of lavender and the soothing quality of calendula. Soothes, softens and moistens baby’s tush.  The Bo-Bo Butter is a slightly different product, more all-purpose for cuts, scrapes and other bo-bos. It is much like to bum salve, but with the additional benefits of the following herbs, wild-crafted from my backyard in the Beaver Valley: comfrey, St. John's wort, plantain, voilet leaves, and of course calendulan and lavender.

“I live in Germany and Kate sends me the powder and salve because I can’t find anything else that works as well. I put it on at the first sign of redness, and it disappears overnight.”
                                             – Jennie Derenzis, Gangelt Germany

“I was not able to use conventional diaper powder because it gave my daughter a rash but this powder is soothing and great for use with cloth diapers, since they get wetter than disposables against by daughter's skin. I use it for my baby's diaper routine and as a deodorant for myself.”
                                            – Serena Guenter, Fergus Ontario

“I have a lot of allergies and sensitivities, so I am careful about what products I use. This salve is great for everything, I love that it's natural, with only a few ingredients.”
                                            – Jane Jones, Nobel Ontario

For a limited time, these “Number One for the Bum” All-Natural Bum Care Products are available at the following prices:

2-oz bum or bo-bo salve: $6 (regular $9 and $10)
4-oz bum and bo-bo salve: $12 (regular $18 and $20)
Powder: $10 (regular $12)

OR if you’d like to try both:

1 powder and 2 small salves for $20
1 powder and 1 large salve for $20

If you're interested, please contact me at Happy December!

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