Family Nature CD

Woodlandy Dandies - "Little Wonders" 

Recently, I recorded a family-nature cd with friends Carly Joynt, Katherine Peacock and Kristen Mundy, called "Little Wonders." It is a folky collection with some nice harmonizing voices, guitar, and djembe (courtesy of Luke Ruvolo).  If you have little ones in your life, or just love simple nature songs it comes highly recommended.

Contact me for details!


  1. I got this album as a present from a dear friend an my kids are in love with it! Such a beautiful collection of songs.

  2. As I have told Kate before, this is the BEST children's album I have ever heard, and being someone who loves to play with the children in my life, I have listened to many many children's songs and albums. I would like to order another five, in honour of my dear friend and niece Katherine Peacock who passed away in April this year. Her beautiful voice singing and harmonizing with the other Woodlandy Dandies makes me feel happy.