One Little Mosaic

My baby boy slept for 2 hours straight today, and then his Popsie took him for a car ride to the grocery store... it isn't very often I have such a lengthy chunk of time available all at once, to get my hands immersed in the magical mystical realm of pure creating... so I made 3 new pairs of tie-up booties, which I will post pictures of when I get the chance. So cute!

 Despite using rubber gloves for much of the process, my hands are pretty dry and chapped after playing in so much hot water. My fingertips scrape the keys now and make the tiniest sandpapery noise...

I've found it works great to re-use the water as I'm felting through the various layers, as the process requires lots of piping hot water and some soap--so it's definitely more efficient and environmentally-responsible to pour the used water back into the kettle, and stick it on top of the roaring wood stove.

In other news, I wanted to share a couple of pictures of the first mosaic I made, a few weeks ago now, out of several broken dishes we have no trouble accumulating in our house. This sunflower sits atop a wooden box, in which many of my teas are kept:

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