Setting up the Workshop

With one-thousand-and-one projects on the go and in various stages of the works, I am really happy to have such amazing studio space, full of large windows and natural light, as well as plenty of shelves to neatly and beautifully cram my supplies and materials onto. We just moved into this uniquely-designed house a couple of months ago, and it overlooks the Beaver Valley. What an incredible view we have from every window! And there are 100 acres of retired farm land in various stages of natural succession for our son to play on. There is many an apple tree to climb here, and in a few decades what are now sparsely-growing saplings will be towering oak tree Grandmother wonders for our great great great grandchildren to lie in the shade of.

Here are a few images of my new studio space. There's always something on the go, so I tidied up for the "photo shoot" but we all know that there's usually a good spread of craftiness covering the tables, shelves and countertops...

Art Room 
Countertop Boy

Looking into Art Room from the Living Room
Bird Jars by my friend Brooke Erickson
Southeast View from Art Room Window

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  1. What lovely light and such a view to let your creative juices fly....Good for you Guys.....Looking forward to seeing Skeet next weekend....